An “Orwelexicon” For Bias And Dysfunction In Psychology And Academia

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Source: Zero Hedge

Authored by Lee Jussim via Quillette.com,

In this essay, I introduce a slew of neologisms – new words – to capture the tone and substance of much discourse, rhetoric, dysfunction, and bias in academia and psychology. It’s partly inspired by an article entitled ‘Lexicon for Gender Bias in Academia and Medicine’ by Drs Choo and May in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), although that one was coming at this from a different perspective.

They argued that “mansplaining” was just the “tip of the iceberg” and so coined terms such as “Himpediment,” defined as a “man who stands in the way of progress of women.” 

Adminomania: A delusion that increased administrative and bureaucratic intrusions into people’s lives will actually improve something, fueled primarily by a pervasive blindness to unintended negative side effects. See Title IX.

Athletic gynocide: The elimination from sports competitions of people identified at birth by doctors or other adults as female because they cannot successfully compete with people identified at birth by doctors or other adults as males but who identify as females.

Bias bias: A bias for seeing biases, often manifesting as either claiming bias when none exists, exaggerating biases that do exist, or overgeneralizing to large swaths

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  1. as an academic, the author really should not be mixing greek and latin root words …Blancofemiphobia e.g., should be Leukogynophobia…..anyone who says otherwise should ekproctokephalize ASAP. :)

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