Did World War III actually start on 26 July 1945?

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Source: The Duran

(photo: the Big Three at the Potsdam Conference, July 1945)

Eric Zuesse

If not, then still the Cold War did. But was the start of the Cold War intended to be the start of WW III? Was it actually intended, even at its start, to be a prelude to, and preparation for, a nuclear war, between the U.S. and Russia? Yes, in fact. Here’s that history:

A war actually starts at the moment when the aggressive side first settles on its intention to conquer whatever it defines to be its opponent. I argued, in my 2000 book WHY the Holocaust Happened, that Germany’s leader, Adolf Hitler, first settled upon his life’s goal during or around September 1919, of exterminating all Jews in all countries and enslaving all ‘inferior’ peoples but especially Slavs — and that, as he saw it, The Thousand-Year Reich wouldn’t actually have been established unless and until Germany had done that, which “victory” would have required Germany to control all countries, so that the reign of “the Aryan,” or pureblooded Christians, over the entire planet, would have become achieved, by Germany. (Hitler thought that “Aryans,” or pure-blooded descendants of Adam and Eve from Genesis 3, had become

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