China Now Openly Fabricating Numbers: Beijing Lowers Coronavirus Deaths By 108 Due To “Double Counting”

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Source: Zero Hedge

Yesterday, when China shockingly reported a huge jump in new Coronavirus infections due to a “change in definition” of how it counted confirmed cases, resulting in a surge of nearly 15,000 new infections in Hubei alone, it made a mistake: it also reported a surge in new deaths, which more than doubled from under 100 to around 250, and which represent a state of existence (traditionally the final one) that is entirely definition independent.

As we pointed out at the time, while China “can now claim it wants to be more transparent (which is odd for a nation that is still refusing to admit the US CDC on the ground) and wants a more comprehensive definition of “infection” because it is suddenly so concerned about all those people it ordered to go back to work on Monday, it somehow also changed the definition of “death”, because at the same time as the explosion in new cases, which clearly indicates that the pandemic is now clearly out of control, the number of reported deaths in Hubei alone spiked by 242 to 1,310.

One day later China appears to have realized just how flagrant this “mistake” –

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