City to host Trump during India visit denies 6-ft WALL is built to ‘hide slums,’ but says height will be reduced

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Source: RT 

Officials in Ahmedabad, the city to host a welcoming event for US President Donald Trump when he arrives in India, has brushed off reports that a wall, hastily erected along the road from the airport, is to obscure slums.

With New Delhi preparing to roll out a welcoming mat for Trump and his wife Melania when they touch down in India on February 24, reports have emerged that some local authorities have taken pains to ensure that the US delegation is treated to a picture perfect view as they hit the road in Ahmedabad,  the largest city and former capital of the Indian state of Gujarat.

Local media reported that a wall standing as high as six feet lines the road leading from the airport to Indira Bridge. The structure, which is set to be about half a kilometer long, is built around the historic Saraniyavaas slum area, home to some 2,500 people.

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Some suggested that the wall, once constructed, will tower over the disenfranchised neighborhood, essentially preventing anyone from catching a glimpse at what is going on behind the fence.

The fact that the

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