India Develops World’s First Bulletproof Combat Helmet Against AK-47

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Source: Zero Hedge

An Indian Army Major who had designed an advanced bulletproof vest against sniper rounds has now developed a helmet that can protect the wearer from a 7.62×39mm bullet, commonly chambered in an AK-47. 

Major Anoop Mishra developed world’s first bullet proof helmet against AK 47 bullet, developed under project Abhedya.
In dec 2019 , He developed bullet proof jacket for protection from Sniper rifle attacks.
He is a part of Indian Army’s college of Military Engineering at pune. pic.twitter.com/cZz3GehiDM

— Madhvi 🇮🇳 (@a_nationalist65) February 10, 2020

“The ballistic helmet has been developed under project Abhedya by Major Anoop Mishra, who has also developed a full-body protection bulletproof jacket which can withstand even sniper rifles,” Army officials told news agency ANI

#WATCH Major Anoop Mishra of Indian Army showcases his ballistic helmet Abhedya-1- world’s first helmet which can give protection even from a AK-47 bullet fired from a range of 10 mtr. He has also developed a full body bullet proof jacket for protection from sniper rifle bullets. pic.twitter.com/khcYR9C0MC

— ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) February 9, 2020

Mishra is part of the Indian Army’s College of Military Engineering, who was inspired to design the helmet after he was saved by his bulletproof jacket

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