Bloomberg Using Fortune To “Fundamentally Alter & Manipulate US Politics”

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Source: Zero Hedge

With Joe Biden’s 2020 aspirations melting like a Nazi who just opened the Ark, moderate Democrats who won’t vote for a socialist or are perhaps uncomfortable with ‘non-binary’ cabinet appointees are left with two choices; Pete Buttigieg or Michael Bloomberg.

And based on the most recent odds from PredictIt, it looks like the former New York mayor may have to dust off his standing box for a showdown with President Trump.

Friends, nominations, and other things money can buy

How did Bloomberg, with his cardboard charisma and ‘Mr. Burns’ mannerisms, stage such a sudden and meteoric rise in the polls? Aside from Biden’s implosion leaving a giant moderate vacuum on the left, Bloomberg has been aggressively showering anyone within arm’s reach with buckets and buckets of money – so much that President Trump warned there would be revolution in the Democrat party if Bloomberg won the nomination.

“If a guy came in and bought the election, if he bought the Democratic nomination, I really think that you’d have a revolution within the Democrat party,” Trump told Giraldo Rivera on Thursday.

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