United Pulls Boeing 737 MAX From Schedule Until September 4

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Source: Zero Hedge

And just like that, all those hopes and optimistic dreams that the notorious killing machine designed by clowns, supervised by monkeys known as the 737 MAX will be returning to the air around June, following recent “hopeful” comments by the FAA, have gone poof.

One day after Southwest said it is extending its 737 MAX cancellations through August 20, the largest US airline (by available seat miles) United Airlines, also said it was pulling the Boeing 737 MAX from its schedule until September 4. Why September 4th and not September 8th for example? Good question:

Can’t they wait until September *8th*?

It would be really great if everyone could live through Labor Day Weekend! https://t.co/ohJMXdjnDe

— Mark B. Spiegel (@markbspiegel) February 14, 2020

Boeing stock dipped modestly on the news, seemingly ignoring the fact that as of this moment, almost three-quarters of 2020 will pass without most major airlines flying the “cost-effective” airplane, a gap which will likely stretch into 2021 if not forever, because a far more important question than when the 737 MAX returns to duty is whether anyone will ever fly this notorious airplane again, whose history of opting for cost-efficiency over, say, the life expectancy of

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