Cuomo Approves 'Splitting' Of Ventilators As Some COVID-19 Patients Stay Intubated For Up To 30 Days

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Source: Zero Hedge

Andrew Cuomo and the federal government are battling it out over 20,000 ventilators believed to be idling in a federal stockpile, ventilators that the governor – who is enjoying a moment of celebrity thanks to his swift and reassuring response to the crisis, even as New York has emerged as the epicenter, and one of the few places where hospitals are truly overwhelmed by the crisis – badly needs.

Without them, the state could see dozens of unnecessary deaths, something that would reflect poorly on the national mortality rate, and an easily preventable tragedy.

As deaths spiked on Wednesday and Thursday, Cuomo proclaimed that he had given hospitals permission to split ventilators between two patients, something that can be accomplished with a minor modification, but is said to be a practice of last resort, as it greatly diminishes the quality of care, according to professional medical groups.

During his Thursday press conference, Cuomo revealed that the need for ventilators is on track to be even greater than he initially anticipated, as the state is finding that patients with severe cases are staying on the ventilators longer than expected. Typically, serious respiratory illnesses requiring ventilation will

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