‘New way of staging a coup’: Venezuelan FM blasts US for narco-terrorism charges against Maduro

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Source: RT 

Washington’s decision to indict Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on drug charges is “a new form of coup d’etat,” as well as a move to win over hispanic voters in Florida, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has claimed.

The US Justice Department unsealed indictments against Maduro and more than a dozen Venezuelan political and military leaders on Thursday, accusing them of “narco-terrorism,” and implicating them in a plot to “flood the United States with cocaine.” Additionally, the State Department announced a $15 million reward for information leading to the arrest of the Venezuelan leader, and rewards of up to $10 million for each of his co-defendants.

Responding later on Thursday, Arreaza said that the indictments show the “desperation” of the “Washington elite,” and their “obsession” with the Latin American country.

Also on US State Dept offers $15 MILLION REWARD for help arresting Venezuela’s Maduro after indictments

The Trump administration does not consider Maduro’s government legitimate, and has recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s “interim president” since his attempted coup last year.

However, efforts to dislodge Maduro from power – which ranged from economic sanctions to an international campaign to promote Guaido’s legitimacy, to

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