“The Situation Is Unthinkable” – Restaurant Suppliers Give Away Unsold Produce As Industry Freezes

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Source: Zero Hedge

We’ve noted in recent weeks that OpenTable has shown a collapse in restaurant traffic across the US and in London. Some five to seven million people working in the US restaurant industry are expected to lose their jobs over the next three months. With restaurants shuttered, except for take-out, as per new social distancing rules, food distributors who regularly supply fruit and vegetables are stuck with tons of unsold produce. 

Bloomberg interviews Franco Fubini, the owner of produce seller Natoora Ltd., supplies high-end fruit and vegetable to top restaurants in the US and Europe. 

Fubini said sales have “evaporated” in the last several weeks as restaurants and hotels have been forced to close. 

“The situation is unthinkable,” said Fubini. “Here in the US, the situation is very critical for small farmers. Very critical. It’s incredibly, incredibly challenging.”

Fubini supplies produce to David Chang’s Momofuku Ko, London steakhouse Hawksmoor and Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, said food has been piling up in his warehouse with no place to go. He has had to give away food to charities and churches in recent weeks. 

He is also rejiggering how he sells his products, which are sourced from 400 farms in the US and Europe. To recover some of the

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