Tudor Jones: Market To Retest Lows Before Summer Rebound After COVID-19 “Throws Its Best Punch”

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Source: Zero Hedge

After years of subpar returns and wrong-way bets, hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones, a trader known for his slam-dunk trades during the 1987 crisis, and again during the financial crisis, is once again having a moment. After telling CNBC back in January that he felt like the markets were about to have a “1999”-type moment, he added that he wouldn’t want to be long until the novel coronavirus outbreak had run its course.

Now, PTJ revealed Thursday before another interview with CNBC that his flagship fund is up 1.5% over the last two months, a sign that he skillfully sidestepped the selloff and is positioning himself for the rebound. But unlike Ackman, who clinched a billion-dollar windfall thanks to his decision to spend nearly $30 million on hedges when we were still at the highs, PTJ’s doesn’t have any major winnings to brag about. Instead, he told CNBC and its audience that his daughter had tested positive for COVID-19 and “worked every single day remotely while she had it.”

So, young analysts and associates, next time you’re thinking about slacking off, remember: PTJ’s daughter didn’t let a global pandemic stop her from turning some comments.

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