Lukashenko: I don't want Minsk to become like Moscow

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Source: Belarusian Telegraph Agency

MINSK DISTRICT, 27 March (BelTA) – Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made a few comments about real estate development in Minsk when he visited the gypsum panel manufacturer OAO Belgips on 27 March, BelTA has learned.

The head of state was told that the enterprise had been previously located in Kozlova Street in Minsk but had to move to a new site in the agrotown of Gatovo in 2019. The company would like to build a few houses at the old site. Personnel of the company and other people will move into rental apartments there.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “Do you want to build houses there? We will consider your [Chairman of the Board of Volma Corporation Yuri Goncharov] proposals. As for the manufacturing sector, I will always back you up because you haven’t failed me once since 2014. We will work with you.”

Speaking about matters of civil engineering industry in general, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that there are plenty of companies willing to build houses in Minsk. “Housing in Minsk is no longer a problem for us. Honestly speaking, we don’t want that many houses in Minsk because we will repeat the sad experience of Moscow otherwise. I fear

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