Afghanistan. Wave Of Violent Attacks Follows Presidential Rivals Signing Of Power Sharing Deal

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Source: South Front


There has been a dramatic increase in violent attacks in Afghanistan by armed militant and terrorist groups as all major domestic, regional and international powers express their concern and urge all parties to respect the commitments they have made in recent peace agreements, confront the perpetrators of violent attacks and restore stability to the country. At the same time, Afghan forces have clashed with the Taliban on several occasions, demonstrating once again the fragility of the peace accord between the US and the Taliban (reached in February of this year) as well of the power sharing deal between presidential rivals Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah signed just days ago.

The power struggle between Ghani and Abdullah, both of whom claimed to have won the presidential election in September, had been one of the main impediments to the start of intra-Afghan negotiations to end more than 18 years of war. The power-sharing agreement stipulates that Ghani will be president while Abdullah will lead the High Peace Council.

In the latest diplomatic development, US special peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad arrived today to hold talks with the Afghan leadership in Kabul, in the aftermath of the flurry of terrorist attacks against

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