Iran Declares Support To Anyone Fighting Israeli Regime

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Source: South Front

Map of the parts of Jordan Valley Netanyahu wants to annex. Blue areas will be annexed, the orange section would remain under Palestinian jurisdiction.

The U.S. Navy warned on Tuesday that vessels in the Persian Gulf should stay at least 100 metres away from U.S. warships or will be “interpreted as a threat and subject to lawful defensive measures.”

The statement issued by U.S. Naval Forces Central Command claimed that it was intended to “enhance safety, minimize ambiguity and reduce opportunities for miscalculation”.

“Our ships are conducting routine operations in international waters wherever international law allows, and do not seek conflict, however, our commanding officers retain the right to self-defense if deemed necessary,” the statement added.

Tuesday’s warning comes a little over a month after the Pentagon claimed Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy took “dangerous and provocative” actions near U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships in the Persian Gulf.

Six U.S. military vessels were conducting training operations in international waters when 11 Iranian ships “crossed the bows and sterns of the U.S. vessels at extremely close range and high speeds,” according to a U.S. Navy statement.

President Donald Trump subsequently announced via Twitter that the United States would destroy Iranian gunboats that harass American

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