Source: The Duran

Submitted by InfoBrics, authored by Paul Antonopoulos, Research Fellow at the Center for Syncretic Studies…

U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to cancel flights between Europe and his country, with the exception of the United Kingdom, and to impose a 14-day quarantine before entry can be made was an unpleasant surprise for Europe as Washington announced the decision without warning and coordination. The restriction has been introduced for an initial period of 30 days and is caused by the coronavirus pandemic declared by the World Health Organization. Although Europe found the action to be excessive, the European Union completely failed in dealing with the coronavirus and such actions are fully in line with measures taken by many countries, including Israel and Australia. In Israel, everyone who arrives from abroad must do a two-week quarantine at home, with authorities not allowing hotel stays – effectively there is no tourism. Although Australia has imposed a 14-day quarantine on new arrivals to the country, hotel stays are allowed.

Because of this, the increasing number of movement restrictions introduced by many countries due to coronaviruses are seriously affecting both national economies and the very idea of ​​globalization itself. Along with the U.S., Israel and Australia, Russia also decided to end flights with Italy,