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Source: Middle East Eye

Israeli settlers storm West Bank village, beat residents with sticks and sharp objects Israeli army accused of allowing settler attack which resulted in the skull fracture of a 49-year-old man and several other injuries Shatha Hammad Tue, 03/24/2020 – 17:34 Residents said they asked the Israeli army to intervene but they refused (Courtesy of Naji Tanatra’s family)

Israeli settlers stormed a Palestinian village in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday and injured several residents, resulting in the skull fracture of a middle aged man, residents told Middle East Eye. 

Naji Tanatra, a father of six, also sustained internal bleeding after Israeli settlers attacked him and other residents in the Umm al-Safa village with sharp tools and wooden sticks.

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Residents said that the attack unfolded after a group of settlers descended onto the village’s farm lands and tried to provoke the Palestinians into an altercation. Soon after, more settlers arrived and carried out the attacks.

The settlers also unleashed their own cows in the area and allowed them to cause damage to the village’s crops. 

The residents said Tanatra, 49, was taken to hospital and was expected to undergo surgery later