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Top Tips for Buying Promotional USB Drives


Whether you are planning an appearance at a trade show, community event, or any other locale where you will have the chance to expand your reach and build your brand, a good promotional item is a must. Many businesses opt for custom USB drives—not only is the product very useful (a hallmark of a good promo item), you can upload all sorts of information about your products and services, making it an especially powerful marketing tool. Here are a few tips for choosing USB drives for promotional purposes. Learn more about USB drives and their specifications, on this website:


Low-quality promotional items will reflect poorly on your brand, so it is important to choose a company that offers top-quality drives. Drives manufactured in China tend to be low-quality because of ‘’cut corners’’ and dubious manufacturing processes. Make sure memory chips come from established suppliers, such as Samsung, Intel and Micron.

Memory Capacity

Promo items that are highly useful are the ticket when it comes to getting the most out of them; you need to find the balance between your budget and enough memory for the recipient to get real use out of the stick. Ideally, you want a drive of either 1 or 2 GB. To get more information about the memory capacity of USB drives visit this website

Considerations for Your Logo

Including a logo on the USB drive can definitely make it look more attractive and customized, but you should carefully consider whether to include it. Certain logos, such as those with graduated colors or tints, will limit the types of drives you can choose from. The space you can use is pretty small, and unless you can simply the logo, it may not look good shrunk down to a few centimeters. If including your complicated logo is a must for you, a credit card USB will be the better choice.


A USB drive does not need to be attractive to be effective, but any promo item should look good. There are tons of different products to choose from, and you want to carefully consider the attractiveness factor. There are a variety of ways to decorate it, such as screen printing, photo printing, engraving, embossing and dome stickers. The latter may sound cheap and flimsy, but they are high quality and protected by a layer of resin. You also want to think about USB drive packaging—the manufacturers can also provide a variety of packaging options that can make the product look more attractive and expensive.

Do Not Base Choice on Cheapest Quote

Chances are you are working with some kind of budget and naturally, we want to spend as little as possible without sacrificing quality. If you get a quote that is way under the ones received from other vendors, proceed cautiously. First, and foremost, inquire whether this pricing is for new Grade A chips, or recycled Grade B chips; you do not want the latter.

Check References

There are a number of companies that offer promotional USB drives; many pop up very quickly and disappear just as fast. Before placing an order with a particular company, get references or check third-party review sites on the web.

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