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The CompTIA PDI+ Certification Examination Does Not Require Prerequisites


The CompTIA PDI+ certification examination reviews installing and maintaining printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines, and other peripheral devices. Obtaining a CompTIA PDI+ certification is considered to be a stepping stone towards going through OEM training. The certification is a vendor neutral certification, meaning that it can be used at many different vendor sites (including Testsforge), and is not vendor specific. Learn more about various computer software and IT-related courses that you can consider, on this website:

During the examination, an individual’s understanding of the electromechanical components, tools, print engines, scan processes, color theory, and networking along with connectivity skills are tested. The examination also reviews soft skill utilization that is used within customer service environments. Professionalism is scarcely touched upon, along with environment and safety.

Even though, an individual will not need to possess any prerequisites prior to taking the examination, it is recommended that anyone interested in taking the CompTIA PDI+ certification examination possess hands on experience when it comes to working with document imagers and printing devices. Possessing basic knowledge will set an individual up for what is to come when they opt to complete this certifying examination.

The test contains a total of eighty five questions. Individuals completing the examination will be given ninety minutes in duration to complete the test. The scoring is done on a sliding grade scale that goes from one hundred to nine hundred. In order to pass the exam, and be awarded a certification, the applicant taking the examination will need to receive a score of 675 or higher. The test is available in four different languages, English, Japanese, German, and Spanish.

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