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The Story of the Band: New York Dolls


New York Dolls is a rock band that was formed in 1971. What made the band different from the other types of band is their visual style. The band reformed in 2004 and the three original members of the band David Johansen and Sylvain are still in the band up to date. One member of the band Arthur Kane died after the band performed their first concert. Sylvain started playing music when he was still in high school in a band which was known as “the pox”. Apart from music he had opened a clothing business referred as Truth and Soul. He was selling vintage rock T-shirts and men attires. The shop inspired the band and the name of the band.

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… Influenced by soul and blues

The sound of the band was influenced by soul and blues. The band was happy when they got a manager; this made the band to be attracted to music. Rod Stewart invited the band to come and perform in a London concert. When they went to London they promoted their songs and New York Dolls band T-shirts. After coming back from London, one of their band members Murcia died because of drug and alcohol addiction at 21. Their songs and T-shirts can still be found online.

why New York Dolls were not successful

U.S rock fans reaction to New York Dolls was positive and negative. According to a creem magazine poll, the band was selected one of the worst and best bands in 1973. The band toured Europe to promote their songs and albums. When they went to U.K, they were invited to a TV show hosted by Bob Harris. The band went separated ways in 1975 because of interpersonal conflicts and because of using drugs. Malcom Mclaren helped the band with management after the group separated. He bought the group red leather outfits and New York Dolls band T-shirts to wear when they are performing.

… the last show was in Shoram in New York

The band performed in five concerts in the New York and their last show was in Shoram in New York. One of the founders of the band Sylvain formed his own band and it was called criminals. He later became a taxi driver in New York. Before the band broke up, the band influenced so many rock fans. According to them the band was outrageous. New York Dolls reformed after a few years and they managed to release two albums. Despite their up and downs the band managed to become popular in the rock music industry.

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