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The Internet vs Car Boot Sales – Which Is Best?


If you have a lot of clutter in your home, one of the beat ways to get rid of it is to sell the lot. There are plenty of places where you can offload your excess stuff and the one that works best depends very much on what is important to you.

Car boot sales are a tried and tested way of shifting a lot of stuff in a short space of time. If you have been driven mad by the clutter in your house, it can be very cathartic to throw it into bags, load up the car and rid yourself of most of it in one day. Whilst you can price up each individual item, many people price things in bulk, such as CDs, DVDs and books and try to shift more by adding incentives for people to buy more than one at a time. You can drop your prices as the day goes on, use your own natural charm to boost your sales and haggle with the buyers to try and maximize your profits. Learn more about the best way to learn the driving, on this website:

However, your sales potential is limited to the people who turn up, so if there aren’t any fans of the kind of music you liked as a teen, or nobody shares your sense of style, you may find items going unsold or having to practically give them away to avoid taking them all home with you.

Selling on the internet is ideal for people who want to maximise the financial gain of selling their unwanted items, but if you want to use an auction site it takes a little more dedication, patience and commitment than going down the car boot route. Listing items can seem time consuming, but writing accurate descriptions and taking good photos will mean your chances of making a sale increase dramatically. Some items are fairly easily moved – CDs and books don’t need in depth descriptions or images, but items which don’t have a generic appearance such as antiques, furniture and clothes benefit from good images and plenty of detail in the descriptions. Because you have a world-wide market, collectors could spot your items and drive the price up, which means that you can be sure you are getting the best return on your efforts. However it’s important to factor in the cost of packaging and posting the items as you will need to ensure that it doesn’t leave you out of pocket.

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There are sites which let you have the best of both worlds, where you can shift a lot of stuff at a time and still get good prices. For example when you sell stuff online with Music Magpie you can scan the barcodes of your CDs and DVDs or computer games, or enter brief details about electronic items and clothing and you can get an immediate online quote for their value which takes the waiting and wondering out of the equation. You send all the items to the same place, so don’t have to worry about spending hours packaging and posting separate parcels and you get your money paid in the way you choose. Learn more about the factors that greatly impact the price of a vehicle, on this website:

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