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Throwing The Perfect Vintage Themed Party


Here in Britain we are in the midst of a love affair with everything kitsch, retro and vintage. Think old English china, florals and polka dots. If you have an upcoming party to organize why not consider a vintage theme? Whether it’s a birthday party, a hen do or even you’re wedding. If done well you feel as if you’ve been transported back to the 1920’s for the day. This theme goes down very well and ensures everyone has a great time. Learn more about the advantages of planning an event before starting its preparation, on this website:

Fancy Dress

No vintage party is complete without dressing up. Why not pick an era and suggest your guests wear an outfit from this era. Here is a look at popular eras and what you would expect to wear-

1920’s- For Women- Flapper dresses, chandelier earrings. Short/pinned hair.

For Men- Felt fedora hats, loose cotton trousers, v-neck jumpers

1930’s/40’s- For Women- Midi high-waisted skirt, blouses, skirt-suits

For Men- Loose suits, striped, wide leg trouser

1950’s- For Women- Tight curls, poodle skirts, Mary Jane heels, pedal pushers

For Men- Quaffed hair or slicked back hair, pork pie hat, winkle picker shoes, leather jacket.

1960’s- For Women- Pill box hats, fur coats, long loose hair or cropped hair, beehives, baby doll dress, bold jewellery, go-go boots

For Men- Raybans, Mop-top hair, long hair, flares,

Your guests don’t have to spend a lot of money; eBay is great for sourcing clothes for a vintage fancy dress party.


It’s easy to decorate for a vintage themed party. Here are some suggestions-

  • Bunting- Floral works best
  • Floral china- a mix of patterns and styles works best for an ‘eclectic’ look, rather than being matchy-matchy. You can pick up pieces at car boot sales for very cheap.
  • Floral teapots- with flowers in
  • Cake stands- White works best, towered high with cupcakes
  • Paper cups- Floral
  • Table clothes- White lace
  • Paper straws- Blue or pink and white striped.
  • Paper chains- Floral or polka dotTo explore more decoration tips and ideas visit this website:

Extra touches

There are lots of extra touches you can do to add to the vintage theme. If you are organizing transport there are lots of vintage cars available to hire. Travelling to a vintage party in your smart car just isn’t the same as a vintage Austin Steven Chummy car.

Think about hiring a live jazz band. If your budget is tight and you are providing the music yourself make sure you research music from the chosen era of your party.

Vintage themed party bags are easy to put together as a gesture to your guests. Include bits like a big stripy lollypop, humbug mints and a vintage postcard. For women include a floral compact mirror and a silver teapot charm necklace. For men include a mini vintage grooming set and a vintage train model. Learn more about various types of party dresses, on this website:

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