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Top 3 Reasons for Online Document Storage


Company Galaxy and Company Nexus are data collection and consultant firms. Owing to multiple clients, both firms have a huge stock of documents. Company Galaxy has a robust online document storage system, wherein they maintain a complete track of all the documents that they receive. On the other hand, Company Nexus has various systems where they store documents and files at random and do not have any document archive system.

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Storing documents online

Online storage of documents can be a difficult task. But, if managed efficiently, it can make the storage as well as retrieval a smooth sailing. Creating folders, directories, paths, labels and various other details are the tasks that have to be performed to store documents online.

So how will you go about it? Thankfully, nowadays there are many open-source software available to help with online document storage. These software not only help to store the documents, they also help in keeping track of all updates and versions.

How to store online?

Software available in the market helps you to label and store the documents easily. You can label the documents by various methods. One of the most common labeling types is by name. Another common labeling type is through date and time. Besides these common labeling types, various other labeling types are used, such as name of the organisation, name of the product or project, costs involved, country of origin, importance of the document and so on. For online storage, another common labeling method used is labeling by bar code or the serial number or product key.

Servers and storage space

While storing hard copies of documents, storerooms and warehouses can be used. There are various ways to keep the documents safe and in an orderly fashion in the storerooms and warehouses.  The use of storage cases and cartons, storage boxes, document binders, encapsulation supplies, envelopes, sleeves, flat files, folders and rolls help in storage of hard copies of the documents. But how are online documents saved?

The answer is servers for most of the cases. In big organisations, special servers are used to store and secure online documents. More than one server can be used to store documents.

But why use more than one server? In case of data loss in the primary server, the backup servers can ensure that the data is retrieved easily and no data is lost. Organizations even deploy the strategy of placing the server in different regions or locations, to ensure 24*7 data access and data safety in case of natural calamities in one region.

That’s how easy online storage is. That’s how easy a secure document storage process is.

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