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The Indispensible Need for a Myanmar Travel Agent


Planning a tour isn’t a matter of joke. One needs to be very careful and has to keep in mind a lot of factors while a tour plan is being chalked out. Some of the major factors that affect your plan are the climate of the place, the food, the culture, the technological advancement and also the global relationships of the country. In addition to all these there is the pain of making hotel reservations and flight bookings. If you can get hold of a travel agent that does all these stuffs for you with utmost care, then nothing better than that. Take proper care of certain factors while choosing a travel operator.

The Need for a Myanmar Travel Agent

Myanmar is one such place that has been attracting tourists from all over the world for a long time. It has the most mystique ambience and is also of a great historical value. However, the major hurdle towards Myanmar travel is that it is not that advanced a country where you can go around freely with the normal stuffs. For example in Myanmar credit and ATM cards of many banks are not accepted in the country.

This is why, you need to know what special precautions and arrangements you need to make before you go for a Myanmar tour. This kind of planning however needs some special expertise and only a Myanmar travel agent is going to handle this task efficiently.

The Must-Visit Places in Myanmar

Another important aspect a Myanmar travel agent is going to help you with is, deciding the places that you can’t miss to visit. Make sure that the package the tour agent is offering you include a trip to the following places,

  1. The Ngapali Beach which is one of the least ventured beaches of the world. It will offer you one of the most serene ambiences and you can enjoy the sun and the waves with your family.
  2. The largest gold pagoda in the world made of tons and tons of pure gold, the Golden Rock Pagoda. The locals consider it pure and sacred.
  3. Mount Popa, has a shrine where there are some curved figures, considered holy by the local Buddhists. This shrine is situated some 777 steps up the slope. The mountain is 1500m high.
  4. Also, the highest peak of south Asia must be there in the list. This peak is named Mt. Hkakabo and is 5881 meters high. Many people have fun in climbing up this peak.

Apart from these sights there are various other must-visit places, the temple city of Pagan being one of them.

The travel agent will be able to tell you that you need to carry ample cash with you, so that you don’t need to use your cards much. Also, there are certain medicines that need to be a part of your first aid box, before you start for Myanmar. The other things such as your food and lodging will be taken care of by the Myanmar travel agent himself.

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