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Top 5 Places to See in Missouri


Missouri has a lot of great places to see and experience. More visitors are choosing this great state for vacations every year, because it’s less expected and not over-run like other tourist destinations. Come and see what Missouri has to offer this season, and you won’t be disappointed.

The Berlin Wall

WHERE: Fulton

Fulton is also home to the famous Winston Churchill Memorial, which makes it an easy choice for history-driven excursions. Locals know that it was Winston Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” speech of 1946 that drove his granddaughter to obtain a piece of the Berlin Wall for display.

Westminster College is the site of both of these great exhibits, making it easy for visitors to see both and lunch at the famous school. The surrounding area is lush and green, which makes the drive beautiful, too.

Mark Twain’s House

WHERE: Hannibal

A quick stop for visitors, Mark Twain’s boyhood house is not too far off the beaten path. It offers profound insights into the life lived by one of America’s greatest writers. Visitors often walk to Twain’s ‘secret’ cave, take rides on the Mississippi by riverboat, and visit the local Mark Twain Museum while they are in Hannibal.

Gateway Arch

WHERE: St. Louis

Everyone has seen the Gateway Arch from a layover, or on the Internet, but few people approach its base and realize how extraordinary it really is to behold. The giant archway is the so-called Gateway to the West that was completed in 1965. It towers over the city at 630 feet, giving visitors views of up to 30 miles on clear days.

If you want to journey to the top of the Arch you must book far in advance, because it’s very popular.

Wine Country Tour

WHERE: Defiance

Just 45 minutes from downtown St. Louis, the Wine Country is well-known for its fabulous vintages. People enjoy visiting Missouri each year to collect established vinos and to sample new brands. The Wine Country Gardens offer gorgeous views of vineyards that are truly remarkable.

You can find great nearby Missouri hotels while you are visiting the Wine Country, or you could just stop there for a day while you head to St. Louis.

Pony Express Town

WHERE: St. Joseph

With 63 houses and buildings registered by the National Register of Historic Places, the small town of St. Joseph is not to be ignored. In 1860 the Pony Express took their first historic ride from this small town, which is commemorated all over the buildings and parks with plaques and small sculptures.

As an added bonus for history buffs, St. Joseph is also the historic site where Jesse James ended. Visitors can take pictures next to Jesse James’ home.

Missouri visitors are never disappointed, because there’s so much to see and do in this great state. From the historic sites to the world-class museums, Missouri is a dream for history buffs. It also offers great vineyards, exciting shopping, and high-end hotels that people will love visiting again, and again.

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